Wanda Reign Hotel, Wuhan


The development includes the distinctive Han Show Theatre designed by British architect Mark Fisher, currently being constructed immediately adjacent to the hotel and taking the form of a giant red Chinese lantern. Our facade design creates a deliberate counterpoint to its distinctive neighbour by offering a cool, sleek contrast to the vibrant red of the theatre.

The hotel’s sophisticated cladding system is characterised by 902 hexagonal modules, which create the effect of multiple ‘eyes’ looking out over the city from the guestrooms. Each module is composed from highly reflective aluminium and angled in both plan and section to protect the rooms from solar gain and create a dynamic texture on the surface of the building, which is further animated with reflections and changing light conditions. Insulated silver aluminium cladding panels are arranged between the modules and LED lighting is integrated into each hexagon, emphasising the dramatic textured effect at night.

Project Location