Fresh Air, Fresh Minds with Monodraught

Monodraught helps to improve both air quality and learning at school with a comprehensive package of ventilation systems.

Cool-phase and Windcatcher systems from Monodraught have been installed successfully at Alderman Knight School to provide natural ventilation and natural cooling.

As part of the move to create a healthier, cost effective and more productive environment, the following systems were installed:

  • Two WINDCATCHER X-Air 170 in the Main Hall
  • Four ABS 350 Circular WINDCATCHER systems in the Meeting Room, Library, Sensory Room and small office
  • One COOL-PHASE unit in the ICT Room

Data was collected from the COOL-PHASE unit installed between June 7th 2012 and March 30th 2015.

The Monodraught COOL-PHASE system has met the design criteria and specification requested providing fresh air, ensuring CO2 levels remain within acceptable boundaries and keeping temperatures within acceptable level.

This has been achieved with a very low energy use at a cost of approximately £17 per year.

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