Zaha Hadid Architects on 3-D rapid prototyping

Michele Pasca di Magliano, Associate at Zaha Hadid Architects ( ZHA ) will present his thoughts on the 3D printing revolution in an exclusive talk for archiboo this Thursday ( June 19th ).

The talk is timely, as prices of 3D printers continue to fall, putting them within the reach of many practices for the first time.

Two years ago, ZHA set up its own 3-D printing workshop and now has five 3D printers, producing 40 models a month. Models are used for front-end design studies and presentations, as well as detailed study models and facade mockups.

Michele will explain how the ability to create physical objects from computer models has changed the way the practice works, and some of the practical issues involved with managing a 3D printing workshop within an architectural studio.

Hobs Studio, which supplies ZHA’s 3D printers, will bring a 3D printer to the talk and a ZHA model will be printed during the session. Director Michelle Greeff will also explain the different 3D printing technologies available.

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