With Rockfon you can have your cake and eat it

Following a €12million restoration, iconic 1927 Dublin landmark Bewley’s Grafton Street, has reopened to offer seating for 500. Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic ceilings are installed throughout to create a comfortable acoustic environment and meet the aesthetic demands of this historic space.

Interior retrofit

The careful restoration of its interior has seen many original features restored to their former glory. There are new additions too, including the expansion of the in-café bakery – enabling customers to see Bewley’s pastry chefs and bakers create delicious treats.

Bewley’s interior features mahogany panelling and mosaic floors which could generate distracting background noise, particularly when the café is busy. We advised Gilligan Architects on the most suitable acoustic ceiling to control reverberation and harmonise with the building’s period features.

Architect Brendan Duffy commented,

The introduction of Rockfon acoustic ceilings throughout, direct fixed to the plasterboard ceilings minimised the visual impact on the building fabric, particularly the ceiling covings, allowing these to be expressed. In addition, the spray applied finish to the Rockfon panels provides a seamless ceiling in keeping with the original plasterboard ceilings and concealing the use of a modern acoustic treatment.”

What is Rockfon Mono Acoustic?

This unique product combines the elegance of a seamless ceiling with Class A sound absorption, previously thought only possible with modular suspended ceilings. It can fit around curves and angled edges, making it ideal for retrofit. It also offers Class A2 fire protection for added peace of mind in any public buildings.

How noise impacts on taste

Research shows there is a direct link between what we hear and what we taste – meaning dining out is not just about the food. Background noise can overwhelm our senses, impacting negatively on how we experience what we consume. To counter this, installing sound absorbent materials can control unwanted sound. 

Measuring reverberation

Irwin Carr Consulting Senior Consultant Acoustician, Malachy McAlister, advised on improvements to the acoustics at Bewley’s,

“We were able to determine the additional absorption provided by the new ceiling by undertaking acoustic tests before and after installation. The acoustic ceiling reduced the reverberation time (echo) by 35 per cent from 1.1 seconds to 0.7 seconds.

Client feedback

The client is delighted with the ceiling and the atmosphere it helps create. Bewley’s Assistant General Manager, Andrew Griffin,

“Before the new ceiling, noise levels could get very high, making it difficult to hear what customers were saying. Now the feel of the café has changed; it is much calmer and more relaxed.”


We worked closely with the team at Reilly Ceiling & Drywall on installation.

“Integrating services with new ceilings can be a headache. The Rockfon team were always available which made the process much easier. Rockfon Mono Acoustic is simple to work with and fits around the different elements with ease. There is no product on the market that can match it for acoustic performance and flexibility of design and installation.”

For more information please visit www.rockfon.co.uk or call 0800 389 0314