Why aren’t standard shower enclosures enough?

A well-chosen shower can have a serious impact on the aesthetic of a bathroom. In terms of both functionality and beauty, a standard shower enclosure is no longer enough to tick the boxes when it comes to piecing together the perfect bathroom renovation.

The variety of shower enclosures from Victoria Plum is overwhelming, offering homeowners the chance to remedy problems of all kinds by choosing a specific shower design which gets around whatever issues arise. Whether it’s a lack of space to move in or is just looking a bit cluttered to the eye, the simple installation of the relevant shower enclosure can do the trick.

Standard shower enclosures are great bathroom additions but in the modern age you deserve more than just the basics – and here’s what you could find.

Door types 

Your choice of door type is an important part of the customisation process when selecting a shower which is more than just ‘standard’. Showers fall into three main categories:

  •  Bathtub showers which use a bath shower mixer tap.
  • Alcove standalone showers which are fitted as a separate shower cabinet.
  • Corner standalone showers which are also freestanding cabinets but are fitted into corners.

Within these showers, the article highlighted a number of different doors styles which included:

  •  Pivot: doors which swing out and require a greater amount of floor space.
  • Rounded: doors which are curved to fit quadrant shower trays. They usually run on casters as sliding doors but can also be found in pivot or bi-fold varieties.
  • Sliding: these are sometimes called bypass doors and take up the least amount of room making them perfect for the smaller bathroom.

The type you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and the physical dimensions of your bathroom. Those experiencing a bit of a tight squeeze in their bathroom can turn to a bi-fold or sliding door as an efficient way to use space without restricting access in and around the bathroom. If you’re got plenty of room to play with then a frameless surround which creates an illusion of space is still a great option, enhancing the spatial benefits already present.

Finish and design 

Another customisable feature of shower enclosures is the finish and overall design. As a focal point in any bathroom you want your shower to stand out and this means choosing an enclosure made from high quality materials and epitomising the best styles.

Glass thickness is determined by factors such as whether the enclosure is framed or frameless but the finish you choose is more open to personal taste. Frosted glass is ideal for those who want subtle elegance and added privacy whilst clear or patterned glass is good for a classic appearance.

Wet rooms 

Lastly, for those who want a truly indulgent experience outside of the ordinary shower enclosure then a dedicated wet room is a great option. These take the standard dimensions of a shower enclosure and open them up to give homeowners a truly indulgent shower experience. Aside from the aesthetic benefits of wet rooms, more practical advantages include easier to clean surfaces and reduced risk of water spillages.