Velux® adds three more sizes to curved glass rooflight range

Roof window manufacturer VELUX® has added three more sizes to its world’s first curved glass rooflight range.

The VELUX curved glass rooflight, designed for flat roofs, is now available in eight different sizes and features CurveTech, an innovative curve-shaped glass top that lets rainwater easily drain off the surface – even on completely flat roofs. That means daylight is able to shine through without raindrops getting in the way.

The new curved glass rooflight offers a number of other unique benefits for homeowners looking to bring in more daylight through the roof:

  • A fully programmable control pad offers remote control operation of out-of-reach rooflights. Practical pre-fitted rain sensor closes the rooflight automatically in the event of rain.
  • A combination of insulating PVC frame and double-glazed, low-energy inner pane ensures heat does not escape through the window and helps to maintain the home’s ideal indoor climate.
  • The curved glass shape provides natural drainage of rainwater, negating the need for regular cleaning. Toughened glass makes it virtually impervious to damage from the elements. Maintenance free PVC material used on the interior frame is also easy to clean.

The eight different sizes of rooflights provide homeowners with flexibility when looking for roof windows to match their room size.

Recent research into the flat roof window market by VELUX revealed that over half of single-storey extensions in the UK have flat roofs, and over two thirds of flat roof extensions have no glazing in the roof.

Grant Sneddon, product manager at VELUX said:

“It’s a great feeling to launch another three sizes to our new curved glass rooflight launch – the first of its kind in the world – giving homeowners more choice when it comes to improving their home.

“Our own research has shown that many homeowners do not realise the daylight potential of glazing in the roof until after they have completed their projects. With our new curved glass rooflight we have expanded the choice of flat roof windows available to homeowners to eight different sizes, allowing them to mix and match to suit each room in their home.

“Flat roof extensions can often be seen from other levels of the house so, as well as providing a range of interior benefits, we have designed the curved glass rooflight to look great both inside and out.”

The curved glass flat roof windows are installed in the same way as other VELUX flat roof windows and use the same base units as the existing range, meaning installers don’t need to learn new methods of installation.

The new curved glass rooflight is available now. For more information visit