Under floor air conditioning for Korea Expressway headquarters

The Korea Expressway Corporation is a large company with over 4500 employees and is responsible for construction and maintenance of expressways in South Korea.

In 2013, AET Flexible Space received the order through their Korean distributor Shinsung Engineering for Under Floor Air Conditioning equipment for their new 30,000 m² headquarters building. AET Flexible Space equipment was specified for a total of 24,000 m² over 19 floors sized 1200 m² each floor and located in the tower part of the new build construction. The under floor system was specified by the client due to its height saving capabilities, flexibility and speed of construction.

The AET under floor systems utilise the plenum beneath a raised floor as the ventilation duct, eliminating the need for ceiling based duct work, potentially reducing height of new build construction by up to 10% and making it easy and economical to adapt to changes in the workplace. The conditioned air is introduced into the space via floor recessed fan terminal units or Fantiles, which are easily relocated with the 600 x 600mm raised floor tiles and also feature integrated controllers allowing users to personally adjust temperature and fan speed settings. The CAM-V units introduce conditioned air at floor level into the plenum beneath the raised floor and then receive return air at high level for reconditioning. This system is ideal for easy reconfiguration as there is no division of the plenum into supply and return channels.

Large size CAM-V zonal air handling units were specially developed for the KEC project; CAM-V100 and CAM-V150, capable of supplying air volume at up to 16,500 m³/ hour. The conditioned air is supplied into the workspace via 800 TU4 fan terminals or Fantiles, incorporating EC fan technology for minimal energy consumption; another recent product development by AET Flexible Space. This installation was also one of the first AET Flexible Space projects to incorporate the latest AET Flexvisor remote monitoring system connecting the nineteen zones and interfacing with the main BMS. The Flexvisor also permits remote adjustment of zone setpoint and Fantile units by authorised users or Facilities Managers, making it easy to keep the system operating at optimum configuration. The Flexvisor was supplied with functionality in Korean language by client request.

Other large international projects featuring AET Flexible Space equipment include; the 25,000 m² Kuwait State Audit Bureau, the 10,000 m² Majid Al Futtaim Tower II in Dubai, the 60,000 m² Nina Tower in Hong Kong, the 80,000 m² Parkview Green, Beijing, 100,000 m² Microsoft Campus in Shanghai, 200,000 m² International Port Cruise Terminal Shanghai, 100,000 m² The Center in Hong Kong amongst many more.