TeknosPro’s protective fire-neutral coatings for public spaces

TeknosPro, a leading manufacturer of paints designed for use by professionals, has developed a portfolio of fire-neutral coatings for public spaces: Timantti Clean, specifically engineered for use in spaces with high hygiene demands, and Siloksan Anti-Carb, developed for concrete to protect the surface from carbonisation.

The two coatings undertook rigorous tests at the UK’s top fire-rated testing centre, Warringtonfire, to aid accreditation for fire-neutral properties to resist the spread of flame. These included tests in relation to reaction to fire behaviour, smoke production and flaming droplets/particles. The classifications, carried out in accordance with clause 8 of EN 13501-1: 2018, rate fire behaviour as a capital letter (e.g. B) and smoke production and flaming droplets as a lower case letter followed by a number (e.g. s1). Both TeknosPro products in this particular portfolio passed each test and can be specified for use on all public spaces.

Timantti Clean is a semi-matt waterborne acrylate dispersion paint. It contains Biocote® silver glass anti-microbial technology which preserves the coating surface, preventing colonisation and degradation that is caused by microbial growth. It is ideal for indoor surfaces that must be easy to clean and abrasion-resistant. This coating has been certified as B – s1, d0 following the tests which means it does not contribute to the spread of flame, in other words is it ‘fire neutral’. Available to be tinted from the Teknos Colour Mode range or to any British standard colour, Timantti Clean has a coating spreading rate of 6-8m²/l and is suitable for use in hospitals, health centres, public health premises, nursing homes, nurseries, schools and other public spaces.

Siloksan Anti-Carb is a matt, waterborne and acrylate-based protective paint for concrete. It has a good resistance to mechanical strain, abrasion and stresses during the construction period and is developed to withstand every day wear and tear, such as scuffing, scratches and UV damage. Similarly to Timantti Clean, the specialist paint has been certified as B – s1, d0 following the fire tests, and so is proven to be ‘fire neutral’ in that it does not to contribute to the spread of flame. It has a coating spreading rate of 4-6m²/l; is suitable for all concrete surfaces in public areas, such as hospitals, class rooms, indoor sports facilities and business premises; and can be tinted using any colour from the SILOKSAN colour chart or matched to any British standard colour.

For further information, and to find a full list of stockists, visit www.teknospro.co.uk or call Teknos on 01869 208005.