Take an active approach to passive fire protection with Sika

Leading speciality chemical manufacturer Sika Limited is helping specifiers contain and control the spread of fire with its high-performance passive fire protection products for linear and penetration seals.

Sika’s passive fire protection range has been specifically developed to restore the fire resistance of walls and floors disrupted by linear seals, cavity barriers or penetration services. By working to contain fire and smoke in defined compartments, the Sika passive fire protection range can also help control and delay its spread to allow more time for occupants to be safely evacuated.

Fully compliant with both national and international standards including EN 1366 and EN 13501, Sika’s extensive range comprises of fire-resistant sealants, coatings, wraps, collars, fire boards, compounds and ablative pads  for both linear and penetration seals. Sika’s passive fire protection solutions have been created to meet the highest fire resistance requirements and are suitable for use across a number of sectors including high-rise residential and public-use projects including hotels, schools and hospitals. 

To support the extensive product range, Sika’s in-house team can also offer specifiers full technical evaluations, working closely with them throughout the duration of the project. A full overview of all the products available can be found online at Passive Fire Protection (sika.com) and by downloading a copy of the Sika’s product brochure.