Structural Concrete Alliance announces 2017 award winner

The Structural Concrete Alliance has announced Concrete Repairs Limited (CRL) as the winner of the 2017 Structural Concrete Alliance Award for Repair and Refurbishment, for its refurbishment of the Coronation Parade promenade/breakwater in Folkestone.

CRL worked in challenging conditions to provide extensive sympathetic structural repairs and to install an impressed current cathodic protection system to the Coronation Parade promenade/breakwater in Folkestone.

CRL recommended the installation of a cathodic protection (CP) design, which allowed the anodes to be installed from the top of the structure along the promenade roadway, thus allowing work to continue during high tide.

Second place went to Volkerlaser for its innovative repair and protection scheme for  Wolverhampton Civic Centre Car Park. The 40 year old reinforced concrete structure had been plagued with defects for years, including delaminating concrete decks, spalling and cracking in the soffits and damaged columns.

The solution involved the first use in the UK of the “Zebra” impressed current (IC) cathodic protection system produced by PROTECTOR from Norway. Volkerlaser transformed the site through a range of concrete repairs to the decks and columns, sprayed concrete repairs to the soffits and associated specialist activity including high pressure water jetting, deck waterproofing, coatings and resin injection.

Freyssinet achieved third place for its work on the M6 J16-19 Smart Motorway upgrade project. Its concrete repair solution offered an innovative encasement and encapsulation approach utilising a flowing concrete and installed an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system to overcome remaining chloride contamination.

Each complete pier was encapsulated with a full-width single-leaf structure. Above the first lift, individual columns were encased where the original foundations were too weak for the extra weight of complete encapsulation.

The winners were announced by former BBC Breakfast Host, Bill Turnbull, at the Concrete Society Awards Dinner held at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, London on 16th November. They were chosen from entries received from members of the three trade associations which make up the Structural Concrete Alliance: the Concrete Repair Association (CRA); Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA); and the Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA).

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