Stertil Combilok delivers on loading bay safety

The Combilok vehicle restraint system from Stertil Dock Products was developed exclusively to reduce the risk of unintentional vehicle movement on loading bays and offers a ‘safety net’ against poor communication by holding vehicles in one place until loading or unloading is completed.

Controlled from within the safety of the warehouse or distribution centre, the Stertil Combilok is fully interlocked: the loading bay door cannot be opened until the Combilok is in position and the Combilok cannot be released until the door is closed again and it is safe to drive away. The totally automatic Combilok also overcomes any language difficulties that may arise with drivers delivering from all over the world.

Featuring a wheel block that is impressively strong, the Combilok is suitable for lorries of almost every type and size. There are also few restrictions when it comes to the installation process, as the entire system is installed above ground.

Andy Georgiou, General Manager of Stertil Dock Products said,

“We’ve designed the Combilok to offer the highest standards of safety, performance and reliability. This has been recognised by a growing number of leading high street names and logistics companies. In fact, the UK’s most prominent online retail specialist purchased its first Combilok vehicle restraint system in 2013. Unsurprisingly, it was an instant success and the company now has almost 1000 Combiloks working around the clock to provide safety and peace of mind to drivers and warehouse staff alike.”