Specifying modular screed technology with underfloor heating

This Schlüter-Systems RIBA accredited CPD Seminar on modular screed technology and underfloor heating examines the potential problems associated with traditional underfloor heating systems and explains how the modern systems tackle these problems.

The latest generation of products are designed to make the installation of underfloor heating systems easier, quicker and more cost‐effective. We look at: the way in which they work; the functions they offer; the types of application they can be used in; and we also consider best practice for their installation.

Overview of the CPD Seminar Agenda

  • Underfloor heating: benefits and development
  • Traditional underfloor heating systems: pitfalls
  • Modern technology: modular screed systems
  • Function and use
  • Best practice on installation
  • Project references
  • Under tile heating – integrated membrane systems
  • Summary

Problems associated with traditional built‐up systems
This CPD seminar provides an overview of the below problems, and how to specify to avoid them:

  • Different expansion rates
  • Lack of movement allowance
  • Cracks and debonding in the surface covering
  • Prolonged installation
  • Slow to respond to temperature changes
  • Curling and shrinkage

It’s important to try to avoid as many of these pitfalls as possible ‐ because problems, whatever their nature, end up costing both time and money.

The modern approach solves many of the above problems, this is because it addresses the construction aspects, physics and heating technology all in one go.

Specification benefits of modern technology: Modular screed systems

  • An integrated system – An integrated system is usually produced by a single supplier so responsibility is clearly defined for architects, specifiers, contractors and end users.
  • Accountable guarantee for the whole assembly – In choosing a supplier look at the guarantees available and at a very minimum insist on a guarantee for the whole assembly even though the screed, adhesive, tiles or stone might not be the supplier’s own.

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