Selectaglaze Secondary Glazing for Healthcare

Controlling the environment within hospitals to stop the spread of disease and infection is very important. Selectaglaze secondary glazing creates an excellent barrier to help prevent this and has a wide range of healthcare products; from switchable glass, anti-ligature furniture and units that are Secured by Design accredited.

Many hospital buildings of traditional construction have ill-fitting windows which are not only draughty and poorly insulating but admit dirt and dust from outside leading to problems of cleanliness and discomfort.

Secondary glazing with high performance seals can block the dirt and draughts and when glazed with a thermally efficient low emissivity glass will reduce U-values across the window to less than 1.9, a reduction of up to 65% against a single glazed metal window. This will create cleaner, warmer surroundings for recuperation, as well as help reduce energy consumption.

Selectaglaze secondary glazing not only creates a warmer environment but achieves very high levels of sound insulation. The speed of patient rehabilitation is important, with sleep playing a major part in the healing process. Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems can reduce noise levels by 42-45dB with standard glass and even higher levels achieved with thicker glass.

Besides environmental improvements, Selectaglaze secondary glazing also helps with secure environments such as mental health units where there is a need to protect patients from self-harm. Also, pharmacies and laboratories where sensitive or dangerous materials are stored and used can benefit from secondary glazing, as well as data centres where patient information is kept. A range of products tested to PAS 24 and Loss Prevention Standard LPS1175 are available.

With fifty years of experience working within hospitals and healthcare establishments Selectaglaze is the leading secondary glazing specialist and tailors its windows to each client’s needs

Established in 1966 and Royal Warrant Holder since 2004, Selectaglaze has a wealth of knowledge from working on all building types. The company offers a wide range of tested products covering acoustic and thermal performance as well as protection against intruder and blast mitigation. A free technical advisory service is offered and RIBA approved CPDs are available to architects and designers.