Selectaglaze secondary glazing aiding in improving comfort in Hotels

Closing the window to the outside hubbub, and creating a sanctuary for guests to unwind and relax, is a high priority for hoteliers. Especially with the increasing numbers of tourists visiting the UK’s historical towns and major city centres.

Many hotels can be found in traditional buildings with original single glazed windows, which offer little noise and thermal insulation. Surveys show that about half a hotel’s energy consumption is used for heating, so raising insulation will help to reduce costs. Selectaglaze secondary glazing uses high performance seals and in combination with low emissivity glass, heat loss can by reduced by up to 65%.

A problem faced for central/city based hotels can be the outside noise – from heavy traffic to lively bars and restaurants. Guests want a good night’s sleep, so keeping unwanted sound out is a must for any hotelier. When there is a gap from the primary window of at least 100mm, secondary glazing can reduce noise ingress by around 45dB. A recent example of this is Ham Yard Hotel, a stunning new build located in Soho. Although they had installed new double glazing throughout they still had problems with noise levels on the corner of the building. The acoustic improvements were met with the introduction of secondary glazing, providing a peaceful place for guests. Due to the quality of the overall design of Ham Yard hotel, it was awarded with a BREEAM excellent rating.

For hotels that are Listed, or fall within conservation areas Selectaglaze secondary glazed units  are an ideal solution as they are a fully reversible adaptation and accepted by most heritage bodies.

All units are purpose made to fit each window and are fully fabricated off site, allowing for rapid installation. Selectaglaze closely cooperates with front of house and housekeeping allowing frames to be fitted during room handover periods, to maintain room occupancy and avoid loss of revenue.

With fifty years’ experience, and Royal Warrant holders since 2004 Selectaglaze has vast experience of working within the hotel sector