Sedum roof installation service makes it easy to save energy

Enviromat have been growing sedum matting for the green roof industry for over a decade but did you know that they also offer an installation service?

The Company specialises in fitting lightweight living roofs onto fully waterproofed buildings. Enviromat use their UK grown sedum mats to create beautiful and contempary living roofs that help with insulation, rainwater management and sound-proofing.

Why create a living green roof?
Enviromat’s green roof installation service is cost-effective and hassle free, but why would you want to put plants on the roof in the first place?

5 jolly good reasons to create a living green roof.
A living green roof is the perfect way to bring colour and life into any environment. In a rural setting it can help a structure to blend with the surrounding landscape. In our towns and cities green roofs are vital for cooling the atmosphere and improving air quality.

Here are just 5 of the many good reasons to have an Enviromat green roof on your home, office or garden building.

1. Great for wildlife
Green roofs provide undisturbed homes and resting places for all kinds of creatures. The sedum plants in Enviromat are particularly rich in pollen and nectar and are a great food source for bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies. Birds enjoy the fact that a green roof is a more comfortable place to perch than a standard roof. They also rather like to eat the seedheads from sedum plants,and feed on the wealth of insect life that lives amongst the foliage. Another plus for birds is that the spent flower stalks make nesting material.

2. Rainwater management
In towns and cities, up to 75% of rain water becomes runoff. In other words it gushes directly from roofs, roads and pavements into drainage systems. An Enviromat living roof will absorb much of the rain that falls on it and release the water slowly back into the atmosphere. Any rainwater that does run off a green roof does so slowly and will have many of the pollutants filtered out of it. Thus a green roof will take the strain off the drains and helping to lower the risk of flooding.

3. Insulation
Green roofs create an extra layer of insulation on homes, offices and animal housing. The plants work to cool a building in summer (by evapotranspiration) and retain heat in the winter (with a layer of foliage that traps warm air close to the building). Extra insulation will help to reduce your heating bills. It will also give you a warm feeling because you’ll know that you’re helping the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Solar energy
If you have PV panels on your roof, you may already know that they work best when the temperature on the roof is 30 degrees Celsius or less. In summer time, a standard roof surface can get a lot hotter than that. However, having a layer of plants on the will lower the surface temperature so that your PV panels are far more efficient….as an analogy, think of the difference between the temperature of a pavement and a grass lawn on a summer day….which is the most comfortable to walk on barefoot?

5. Sound proofing
A sedum green roof can potentially halve the amount of noise pollution entering a building. For people who appreciate peace and quiet an Enviromat green roof is ideal for a garden office or studio.

Best of all
As with all plants and green space, it has been proved that looking out on to a living roof can improve mood, increase productivity and generally enhance well-being.

An Enviromat sedum green roof will flower for a good 6 months of the year and the foliage has most amazing textural foliage all year round. Plus, the Company’s optional installation service means that it’s easy to create and even easier to look after.

Who wouldn’t want to come home to that?

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