SAS International‘s acoustic partitioning installed at first BREEAM outstanding project

SAS International is pleased to announce it has manufactured over 400 linear metres of fully glazed partitioning for the new Brent Civic Centre – the most sustainable local authority building to be completed in the UK. Situated between Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena, the 40,000m2 project has been awarded a BREEAM Outstanding rating, the first in its category to achieve this accolade.

The open plan and glazed offices offer flexibility to provide a future-proofed solution for the community’s administrative needs. SAS International’s System 7000 partitioning was specified to manage acoustics and deflection. For the atrium, over 60 linear metres of SAS International’s fire resistant glazing was installed with up to 30 minutes integrity and insulation.

The partitioning incorporates acoustic door over panels with attenuators containing acoustic pads. These glass panels are back painted which allows for natural ventilation between corridors and offices without compromising the acoustic performance of the partitioning system.

According to the architects the building features a 33% reduction in carbon emissions due to a combination of solar shading, natural ventilation, high-performance façade, and combined cooling, heating and power which utilises waste fish oil.

For the offices, 130 glass doors were installed, complete with drop seals for enhanced acoustic control. This relocatable partitioning system used for the offices, especially those situated on corridors, provides high levels of sound attenuation for privacy as well as strength and durability.

It is essential when designing and installing partitioning systems to allow for suitable building slab deflection as a live load will almost certainly cause some degree of movement which impacts on the space between the floor and ceiling slab. For this project up to ±15mm deflection heads were designed to suit specification requirements.

Designed by Hopkins Architects, the building’s spaces are arranged around a soaring, naturally-lit foyer and atrium which houses a large public amphitheatre and staircase that will host arts and cultural experiences. It houses Brent’s civic, public and administrative functions, providing office space for 2,000 staff. The facility will also include a town hall, conference centre, wedding venue, public library and cafe.

SAS International is committed to supporting environmental best practice throughout the life of its products and providing the detailed information specifiers need to make informed environmental decisions. The company’s environmental statements help project teams, around the world, meet the increasing demand for environmental compliance including BREEAM.