Sarnafil Plus supports clients through regulation change

Clients and facilities managers required to meet the updated Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015) when embarking on a roof refurbishment need look no further than Sarnafil Plus, Sika Sarnafil’s flagship refurbishment offer.

The Sarnafil Plus service is designed to actively support the client and the principal designer – a new role created by CDM 2015 – from survey and specification through to installation and guarantee, helping to ensure the refurbishment is carried out correctly.

The principal designer takes on many of the duties of the old CDM coordinator role, such as planning, monitoring and coordinating health and safety in the pre-construction phase of a project. CDM 2015 states that clients are responsible for the competency of the principal designer and team working on the refurbishment, especially when it comes to health and safety.

The Sarnafil Plus team is made up of technical experts and dedicated surveyors to help the client through this process. Sarnafil Plus includes a detailed initial survey, as well as recommendations on complex design elements, resulting in a bespoke specification that the client can trust.

In addition, the system will be installed by a Sarnafil Plus Contractor, a refurb specialist trained and verified by Sika Sarnafil. These contractors are qualified to install Sika Sarnafil membranes in complete compliance with the most up-to-date health and safety regulations.

The Sarnafil Plus team also lends support to the principal contractor with frequent site visits and advice. A guarantee is awarded at the satisfactory completion of the refurbishment, ensuring that the client is protected against unlikely problems with the roofing system.

Martin Bidewell, technical services manager for Single Ply Roofing at Sika, said:

“CDM regulations were first introduced to improve health and safety on UK construction sites, which is incredibly important in this industry. Anything that helps to reduce accidents is to be encouraged – especially when there are still over 40 deaths annually on construction sites.”

“At Sika we want to support clients in meeting these regulations. More than ever, clients need to trust in the expertise of the team they hire to carry out refurbishment work, so they don’t get caught out. With Sarnafil Plus we offer an unrivalled roof refurbishment service that gives the client peace of mind and reassurance at every stage.”

To top it off, Sarnafil Plus includes a thorough final inspection, carried out by Sika’s nationwide team of highly experienced Field Technicians. Upon satisfactory evaluation using a 34 point checklist, the project is awarded a Sarnafil Plus guarantee that provides extensive cover for both the Sarnafil system and installation.

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