Salterns Marina to get £100 million facelift

Plans have been submitted to regenerate and improve the popular Marina facilities at Salterns. This will include a luxury hotel with spa being built on the site of the current hotel, which will be home to a highly desirable rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of the famous harbour. 73 apartments will also be constructed, whilst the Berthing and Marina facilities will be reconfigured to give Poole a world class Marina.

As well as being able to enjoy these fantastic new facilities, residents of Poole will benefit from nearly £3 million in Community Infrastructure Levy which the scheme will generate. This money is used by the local council to improve and build new schools and local infrastructure.

The development is spearheaded by property specialist Richard Carr, who is acting on behalf of Salterns Marina Ltd.

He said:

“The directors of Salterns Marina are very aware that the Marina facilities are now over 40 years old and that the hotel is even older.

“They believe that the time has come to give Poole a world class marina, a new hotel, spa and a high quality restaurant overlooking our magnificent harbour.

“The timing is perfect especially with Rick Stein’s restaurant coming to Sandbanks in the near future.

“The new Hilton hotel has recently been unveiled in Bournemouth, but this development is very much in the Poole style of surf, rest and play!”