Safety precautions when undertaking a garden construction project

You may think that when undertaking a garden construction project that a lot of the safety measures you need to take are common sense. That may be the case for some of the things, but they are incredibly important to make sure you and everyone around you is safe.

Make sure you don’t skip anything – as it could end up causing problems later. We have put together a list of safety precautions that you should take before doing any construction work at a home.

Familiarise yourself with Everything Around you
If there are kids or pets at the home, make sure that they aren’t in the area that you are working on. In some cases these days even farmyard animals have their homes in the garden, make sure your entire area is clear before starting work. You also need to ensure that there’s no other hazardous items lying about that could be of danger, if there is garden storage available, make sure you make use of it. If not, you can find storage units at Shed Store who have an extensive range of garden storage units to ensure there is a place for everything. Before you start, everything should be clear.

Make sure the Garden is Secure
If you are working in the garden and working with tools – make sure that the other people in the hose are aware of this. It shouldn’t be a surprise when they walk out to find someone working on something. If there are any open entrances where perhaps a neighbour or something could pop in unannounced make sure that these areas are secured. For example, close and lock any gates if you can to avoid anybody walking in and taking you by surprise.

Make sure there are no Sharp Objects Left Unattended
Again, this might seem an obvious one – but it’s important to take great care when you are dealing with sharp objects. It can be easy to put knives, cutters etc in your back pocket for ease and convenience, but it’s incredibly dangerous. If you have a tool belt, that’s the safest place to keep any sharp objects like this. Don’t leave them lying around the garden either, in case they cause harm to someone else. It’s also not unusual to see someone working in a garden with screws hanging from their mouth – this is also incredibly dangerous and should be avoided. If you swallow a nail or screw – this isn’t something that you will enjoy.

Make sure you Read the Instructions
We can all be accused of being a little relaxed about reading instructions, but they are there for a reason and should be followed. We are sure it’s of no surprise to you that there are a lot of people that don’t do this. This could cause some issues in the long run. To start with, it will most likely take longer to complete the project, if doing it without any reference. As well as this, it means that you could miss a step and create a potentially dangerous situation. Make sure instructions are followed at all times to avoid any problems.

Be Careful with Power Tools
Power tools can be necessary depending on the project that is being undertaken. Unfortunately, these of course come with their own hazards. Make sure that you know how to use these properly before switching on, (this could be another case of reading the instructions)! It’s also essential that you make sure you keep all of your body parts away from the sections of the tool that are most dangerous such as the blades and cutters. Once you have finished with the power tools, you need to make sure that they are put away safely out of harms’ way. You wouldn’t want a child or anyone else for that matter who isn’t familiar with power tools to get their hands on them.

Wear the Appropriate Equipment
When undertaking any kind of construction project in a garden, it’s essential that you have the correct equipment. Never wear anything with open toes such as flip flops or sandals, this will leave your toes exposed and could cause harm to them. You should wear work boots or hiking books to make sure you are protected as much as possible. If you don’t have those, even trainers would be an improvement. Ensuring your eyes are protected is also important, make sure that you wear safety goggles if you can – particularly if you are doing anything with concrete or metal. Your eyes aren’t replaceable should anything happen to them. Heavy gloves are also important for protecting your hands. You could get splinters from wood, get cut from plants that are prickly or potentially something more dangerous. Wearing gloves can avoid all of this. There should also be rubber gloves on hand in case you are handling any kind of chemicals. You can also get disposable face masks for chemicals or sawdust exposure.

Avoid Clothing that is Loose
Loose clothing in itself can be hazardous. If there is anything dangling such as jewellery this could also be a problem. To be as safe as possible, the best idea is to make sure you remove anything like this before you start work. If you have long hair, it’s essential that you make sure that this is tied up out of the way of anything such as power tools. If this gets caught – it could be incredibly dangerous.

Those are our list of top safety precautions that you should be aware of when undertaking a garden project. There is no doubt that you may actually be familiar with some of them already, but maybe don’t follow them. The saying “better safe than sorry” most definitely applies here. Doing construction work in the garden can be enjoyable, particularly if it’s a nice warm day – but safety comes first.