Residential mechanical ventilation with heat recovery CPD seminar from Airflow Developments

The Airflow Residential Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery CPD provides an understanding of the latest Building Regulations relating to residential ventilation.

It discusses the different system options available to comply and specify appropriate ventilation systems while delivering improved indoor air quality, reducing energy and creating a lower carbon footprint.

By taking part in the course participants will learn about compliance and practical issues to implement an effective, efficient mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery including,

  • Building Regulations and how they apply to the correct specification of a ventilation system
  • Understanding Compliance Guides and their place in the installation process
  • A system is only as good as the ducting. The do’s and don’ts of installing a duct system.
  • Sign off by Building Control is mandatory.  How to comply
  • The aspects of poor indoor air that can effect occupant health and degrade the fabric of a building
  • Explain the principle of operation of a Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery system and where it will provide the most suitable ventilation solution.
  • How to commission a fan system so that standards are met and Building Control will sign off the project.
  • Be skilled in conveying accurate informed advice about ventilation to clients and installers.