Relcross give washrooms the Wow Factor

To complement their range of washroom equipment, Devizes based Relcross offer a new range of high quality, stainless steel washroom accessories under the Diplomat brand name. With unique dual-curve geometry, these commercial-grade accessories are a sleek and elegant finish to any washroom.

First impressions count and nowhere more so than in the washroom. Although organisations are happy to spend their budget on impressive effects in the entrance or foyer of a building, the washroom is often the last area to be considered. And yet it is surprisingly simple and inexpensive to create a strikingly stylish washroom with a ‘Wow’ factor.

Sophisticated customers expect the style of a venue to be sustained throughout the building and it is becoming apparent that the importance of good design has a big impact on financial returns. If customers feel happy and comfortable, they are likely to stay longer and spend more.

Naturally, hard-headed number crunchers want to keep costs down as far as possible and it is all too easy to choose the cheapest option, but features such as durability, low maintenance and ease of cleaning will have a huge impact on the lifetime cost of any installation. And these features need to be consistent across all the washroom accessories and fixtures. There is little point investing in strong, long-lasting doors and locks, if the toilet roll holders break after a few months.

Manufactured using renewable energy, the Diplomat range includes roll-towel dispensers which are available in manual or sensor activated automatic options. Customers will be able to hide owner supplied paper products as most popular brands will fit. This allows them to maintain a single look throughout the washroom no matter how often the paper supplier changes and to maintain the design aesthetic. No more unsightly holes in the walls, less wasted paper and easy maintenance. Combination dispenser/waste bins are also available.

The rest of the range includes easy to load folded towel dispensers, three sizes of waste containers with an internal hook system to conceal rubbish bags and toilet tissue dispensers that dispense freely with no binding. These include surface mounting or through-partition options. The automatic soap dispensers accept all liquid soaps and hand sanitisers and have been tested to hundreds of thousands of cycles in high traffic settings. Other products include Napkin/Tampon vendors, waste receptacles and seat cover dispensers.

All locks are easily accessible and a single key opens all models for convenience and fast service. For specifiers, Relcross can provide REVIT® files for BIM.

Sales Director Stuart McMaster said:

“The Diplomat range with it’s unique dual-curve geometry enables designers and specifiers to achieve a stunningly stylish, co-ordinated look across all their washroom accessories with high quality products that will go on performing year after year. It’s sustainable too because the energy required for the production of Diplomat Accessories has been offset with renewable energy through the WE Energies Energy for Tomorrow® Program. The Diplomat range is a superb addition to the Relcross portfolio.”

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