Polypipe launches new high performance Effast Pro Flow® Butterfly Valve

Polypipe, a leading manufacturer of high quality valves and fittings, has launched the Effast Pro Flow® Butterfly Valve range. The  new valves have been designed to provide a reliable and high performance product for shut-off or flow regulating applications, offering a near linear response through the valve’s full range of operations to deliver exceptional fine control capabilities.

The Pro Flow® Butterfly Valve is available in three different series. The High Performance P series and the High Temperature T series are ideal for industrial applications such as slurry lines, reactor cooling and chemical processes, while the High Flow H series is suited to water applications including swimming pools, filtration and irrigation systems.

The new valves feature a PVCu body covered by a gasket, with a disc located in the centre of the body, operated by a shaft using a handle or an actuator. Each series offers an integral seal, fine control attributes, and ease of actuation, showcasing the reliability, experience, skills and knowledge that keep Polypipe Pressure Systems at the forefront of innovation.

Key features of the Effast Pro Flow® Butterfly Valve

Each Pro Flow® Butterfly Valve features a certified EDPM main gasket that covers the entire body, protecting it from chemical substances. The design of the valves’ internal profile also ensures a completely secure seal. All valves are actuator ready in accordance to ISO5211, easy to actuate without extra components, and require just two bolts to disassemble the handle.

The closing system of the valve includes a safety lock which offers fine tuning capabilities thanks to the regulating plate, which delivers 19 different position options for the disc, for precise flow regulation. The regulating notch plate/handle can also be removed for the mounting of an electric or pneumatic actuator, or for the fitting of a manual gearbox.

The T Series

The T series valves are PPH butterfly valves. They feature a PPH glass fibre reinforced body that offers high mechanical resistance and smooth operation across a wide range of temperatures, from -15 up to +95 degrees. The valve’s High Temp PPH disc boasts a unique shape that increases the disc’s resistance to abrasions and stresses, making this product particularly suited to heavier industrial applications involving aggressive fluids. The T series Pro Flow® Butterfly Valve can be supplied with a FPM gasket upon request.

The P Series

The P series valves are PVCu butterfly valves with a patented high flow PVCu disc with an optimised profile. This design allows for a linear flow and greater flow rate in comparison to traditional discs, delivering one of the greatest flow rates on the market. The external surface of the P series valve is free from edges and ribs, reducing pressure drop, whilst ensuring resistance to corrosion at varying temperatures. The P series valves can also be supplied with a FPM gasket upon request.

The H Series

The H series valves feature a strong PVCu disc and body, and a zinc plated carbon steel stem, making them resistant to chemical stresses and to corrosion at varying temperatures. Like the P series valves, the H series products feature an offset disc which allows for a linear response and excellent flow rate regulation.

Simon Howard, Managing Director of Building Services and International at Polypipe, says:

“Our new Effast Pro Flow® Butterfly Valve has been designed to address a key issue with traditional butterfly valves, that is, the non-linear response curve. In traditional blade designs, a linear response is typically only achieved when the valve is between 25% and 60% open, which makes the fine control of flow rates very difficult.”

“Thanks to its patented design, the Effast Pro Flow® Butterfly Valve is able to provide a near linear response through its full range of operations. Coupled with the advanced handle locking mechanism, this ensures that flow rates can be precisely controlled through valves across each of our High Performance, High Temperature, and High Flow series.”

For more information on the new Effast Pro Flow® Butterfly Valve, visit www.polypipe.com/commercial-property-public-buildings/pressure-systems