New 19mm Collated Flooring Screw Banishes Squeaky Floorboards for Good!

Floor fitters and home owners alike will be all too familiar with the curse of squeaky floorboards. Time after time the culprit is the fasteners; nails working loose over time, leading to expensive callbacks and customer dissatisfaction.

While it’s well known that screws provide a tighter grip power by pulling the boards together, fitting 6mm plywood to underlay has long presented a dilemma. The conventional 25mm timber screws used to fasten flooring carry a risk of damaging underfloor electrical cables or puncturing water pipes, with potentially dangerous and costly consequences. The alternative use of 19mm nails, however, can cause the plywood subfloor to lift from the floorboards.

Construction products manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie has developed an affordable solution: the groundbreaking new 19mm MTHZ19E collated underlayment screw. Designed for Quik Drive auto-feed screw system, the MTHZ19E allows fast and secure underlayment to subfloor installations, with a sharp point for fast start and a trim head for a neat finish.

Fasteners Sales Manager Natalie Dixon explains:

“This new shorter length alternative to traditional flooring screws prevents the tip from protruding through the floor boards when fixing 6mm plywood, making it a safer way to fix to subfloors.

“The MTHZ19E can be used with timber joists, or to fix to steel up to 0.9mm thick – for example in the installation of computer flooring, and can be easily removed and reapplied if access required to pipework at a later date. Nailed floorboards are notoriously difficult to remove intact.

While nail guns provide speed of fastening, they can produce inaccurate results and an inconsistent finish. Quik Drive provides a neat finish and flush consistent counter sink. And the upright installation option will protect your knees and back, with no need to bend or crouch.”

Less torque. Less time. More fastening.