London City’s Tower 42 is the tallest UK building with 4G

London’s original skyscraper, Tower 42, has become the tallest building in the UK to offer high-speed 4G access.

The owners have teamed up leading telecoms company Vodafone to implement fully integrated network coverage across all 42 storeys of the City landmark.

Unlike any of the new skyscrapers to have opened in recent years, Tower 42 is the tallest building in the UK to boast this technology, which provides the quality and speed available to mobile devices from 4G.

Philip Lewis, Kirsh Group, commented on behalf of the owners:

“This building was at the forefront of new technology when it opened in 1981 and it will continue to lead the way.

If London is going to remain a location of choice, we need to ensure it offers global-leading technology systems to its business community. As a property owner, we take great pride in offering world class facilities and this high quality technology is critical to that commitment.”

Other skyscrapers are fitted with 2G or 3G coverage, the previous slower-speed generation of mobile internet, but few, in development, are being designed to feature 4G.

Vodafone UK’s Head of Network Kye Prigg added:

“With many of London’s skyscrapers now towering above our mobile network below, our engineers have to head for the heights in order to provide customers with a strong 4G signal.

“We are providing bespoke 4G systems to achieve this, as well as working out new ways to overcome modern designs, such as reflective glass which can divert radio waves.”

Connected by 2,000 metres of fibre cabling the system will provide coverage across every floor to some 50 international companies and the 1,200 daily customers and visitors to the building’s restaurants.