Johnson & Starley’s Aquair, a heater for almost every application

Installers or homeowners looking to replace old warm air heating systems with the latest highly energy efficient technology should consider the advantages of the Johnson & Starley’s Aquair Heat interface unit. This is possibly the most unique and versatile HIU (Heat Interface Unit) available and will provide all the benefits that a centralised heating system can offer, but with a host of additional advantages.

An Aquair can replace any warm air heater in a home, fully utilise the existing warm air ducting and be integrated in to almost any centralised heating source. It can be run in conjunction with an existing wet system and also has the option of supplying unheated air for cooling purposes during the warmer months.

In many situations, the usual method of replacing a warm air heater would be with one of Johnson & Starley’s condensing WarmCair warm air heaters. But the householder may have a preference for instantaneous hot water and would like to dispense with the water storage tank. It could also be that some rooms are currently unheated and the easiest solution for these would be to install radiators. With a Johnson & Starley Aquair it is possible to mix both warm air heating and radiators in one dwelling.

As the Aquair is a Heat Interface unit, and not classified as a gas warm air appliance, it is not a requirement that the installer has a DAH1 domestic warm air certification. It is available in either upflow or downflow, with heat outputs from 10kW to 36kW in five models. As it does not require a flue to be installed the overall installation time is a fraction of what it would be to replace a warm air system with a boiler and radiators.

The Aquair is suitable for a wide range of heat sources such as electric boilers, gas condensing boilers, oil condensing boilers, solid fuel or biomass boilers, combined heat and power (CHP), solar thermal energy, Gas turbines and heat pumps.

With electric warm air heaters now no longer being manufactured by Dimplex an Aquair is the perfect solution when coupled with an electric boiler to replace an existing system, especially as the installer does not need to hold a gas safe certificate.

An Aquair come with a two year guarantee as standard but is currently eligible for an free extended guarantee if installed with one of Johnson & Starley’s own QuanTec boilers, giving an extra three years parts and labour guarantee.

Never before has there been such a versatile heat source available that can offer such highly efficient and cost effective solution for replacing or updating warm air heating.

The Johnson & Starley range of QuanTec boilers includes the HR28C which is renowned for its extremely high efficiency thanks to its integrated Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery (PFGHR) feature included within a standard sized boiler cabinet. As no extra height is required, installation is much simpler than for comparable heaters. Coupled with an Aquair Heat Interface unit, this highly efficient and cost effective solution will give substantial savings on running costs through reduced gas consumption and also provide substantial savings in CO² emissions.

The QuanTec range of boilers now come with a free eight year parts and labour guarantee making them the perfect choice for householders and installers alike.