How LED lighting contributes to creative design

Find out how LED lighting fixtures can help in achieving creative designs

Lighting can be used in a wide variety of different ways to enhance our daily experiences and uplift our existences. Proper lighting can even brighten our moods and improve our health. It can be directed at works of art in museums or those in open-air installations, helping us to view masterpieces from new and often unexpected angles. Spotlights have the ability to alter how we experience a concert or theatre performance.

One of the least considered, but rapidly evolving areas in which lighting has recently begun to assume a greater role in modern life involves the field of architectural design. Specifically, designers, engineers and architects are increasingly employing creative lighting solutions in order to fundamentally shift the way that people look at and interact with buildings and structures.

How LED lighting encourages creativity
When you pause to think about it, the importance of creative lighting to architectural design truly hits home. After all, some of the world’s best known and iconic skyscrapers and buildings would look, and thus strike us, in vastly different manners if they were not lit up or if their lighting was designed or used in some other fashion.

From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the CN Tower in Toronto, we have grown accustomed to city skylines dominated by colourfully illuminated buildings that serve as powerful symbols of the cities they represent. These monuments also act as ever-changing canvases that employ light, rather than paint or some other medium, to showcase the creativity of their architects and designers.

In order to create these new types of masterpieces, architects and designers have turned to the use of lighting to spur and realise their creative impulses. Beginning in the 20th century with Richard Kelly, the founding father of architectural lighting, designers have more and more incorporated lighting to not only to illuminate their constructions, but also to give them stronger visual presence and enhanced creative power.

When it comes to choosing what sort of lighting to use to attain maximum creative effects and benefits, LED lighting projects have shot to the forefront. There are LED light fixtures for just about any use; they can be placed just about anywhere, with any wash or beam angle and a seemingly limitless spectrum of changing colours. Additionally, in an atmosphere increasingly aware of environmental concerns, LED lighting provides a greener option because of technology that allows it to project more brilliant illumination while using less power.

When you’re ready to embark on your own innovative LED lighting project, you’ll find an almost limitless range of possibilities to explore. Whether you’re interested in backlighting a portrait indoors or spicing up a building’s exterior with LED facade lighting, you’ll soon discover why creative illumination represents an exciting and still untapped frontier in creative architectural planning and design.