Householders can invest in renewable heat with confidence now the details of the RHI are published

YouGen response to the announcement of the renewable heat incentive

“People wanting to invest in renewable energy technologies to heat their homes will be able to do so with confidence at last following today’s announcement of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI),” says YouGen founder Cathy Debenham.

“The uncertainty about tariff rates that we have had for the past four years has meant many people putting investment on hold, or installing a fossil fuel boiler instead. The publication of the rates, and the eligibility criteria means that people can finally make an informed decision with all the information they need.

“The continuation of the renewable heat premium payments until the end of March next year makes now an even more attractive time to invest, as people can get help with the upfront cost of installation, which is often a barrier. This grant will be deducted from the total RHI payments over the seven year life of the scheme.

“Renewable heat is more complicated than installing solar panels on your roof to generate electricity, so it important that householders who are considering investing in renewable energy do their homework, and check out the experience and quality of the installers they use. They must use an MCS accredited installer to access the RHI, but they also need to check out the installers’ experience with these new measures, ask previous customers about the quality of their installations, and check the guidance for choosing an installer on YouGen or other websites.

“Installers must take time to explain the detail to their customers, and tell them how to work the system once it is installed.”