Hanover building unveiled by Remmers

The Grade II Listed building located in Manchester City Centre is being refurbished by Quadriga Contracts Ltd as part of the NOMA regeneration scheme to provide Grade A office space, retail and leisure facilities.

Constructed in 1905; the interior walls have accumulated a thick build-up of dust, dirt, polish and even nicotine residue, all of which needed to be removed.

Following trials of various products, Remmers Arte Mundit Eco was selected as it is a self-vulcanising cleaning paste designed for thorough, water-free removal of residues and soiling on a wide range of substrates.

The Arte Mundit Eco was applied using a 4” brush and left to ‘set’ overnight.  The set rubber-like material was then removed by hand the following day revealing the original white marble finish.

The Client is delighted with the results that the product has achieved.