ESG Solarchromic Glass sees 200% increase in enquiries since Ecobuild/Grand Designs due to exceptional performance

Since injecting intrigue and creativity at this year’s Grand Designs Live and EcoBuild shows with its eco-intelligent glass solutions, ESG has experienced a 200 per cent increase in enquiries for its Solarchromic™ Climate Control Glass.

With its electronically controllable tint, ESG’s Solarchromic™ Climate Control Glass attracted attention from those looking to minimise solar heat gain during summer months yet maximise it during the winter.

As an ideal adjustable solar controlled glass for windows, conservatories, loft conversions and glass-panel roofs, it offers maximum comfort whilst saving a substantial amount of energy.

The glass not only reduces a building’s energy consumption, it acts as an increasingly sought-after design feature. ESG’s range of digitally responsive and controllable glass systems has received industry acclaim, which is thought to have played a significant role in an encouraging increase of enquiries.

Its exceptional energy performance has made ESG Solarchromic™ an ideal component for “smart buildings”. The glass only uses electrical energy to adopt new tones, instantly controlling the transmission of heat and light into a building. It can also reduce air conditioning costs and create a comfortable living environment.

ESG Solarchromic™ Climate Control is available in sizes up to 1350x3300mm, custom shapes and sizes, and can be combined with any of ESG’s range of LCD privacy, security or fire resistant glass products for a total glass solution. This has proved particularly helpful for project managers building new properties looking to stay ahead of the game and be carbon neutral before the nationwide 2016 target.

Scott Sinden, managing director of ESG, commented:

“Not only is there a requirement for all new homes to be zero carbon from 2016, the need for ‘responsive architecture’ is also driven by a genuine desire from those project managing their build to create inspiring and intelligent places to live.

“Many of ESG’s conversations with Architects and Specifiers looking at intelligent glass systems centre on the comfort of a building’s occupants. With ESG Solarchromic™ Climate Control Glass energy efficiencies are not only made, but the need for an air conditioning system is significantly reduced. These efficiencies are major steps to cutting down on the running costs of a building.”

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