Enviromat publish downloadable green roof guides

As green roofing becomes more common, the growers of Enviromat sedum matting are reporting an increase in demand in their green roof kits for DIY installation. A light-weight sedum roof is easy to install and brings with it a whole host of benefits.

Enviromat have published two downloadable guides to help you design and build a living roof.

About Enviromat

Enviromat have been growing sedum matting in Norfolk for over 10 years and have enjoyed a successful decade of supplying green roof components to self-builders, developers and shed manufactures throughout the UK. The Company also has a well-established small green roof installation service and respected green roof maintenance division.

All of that knowledge and experience has been used to create two useful white papers to help self-builders and architects to design and build beautiful, energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly green roofs that will enhance any building.

Why create a living green roof?

There are numerous benefits to having a living green roof on your home.

These include:

  • Absorbing rainwater and helping to prevent flooding
  • Insulation against heat, cold and noise
  • Creation of wildlife habitat
  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Extending the life of the waterproofing

Planning requirements

Angela Lambert from Enviromat explains why the green roof guides were created. “Designing a green roof is a balancing act. It’s all very well throwing growing medium and seeds onto a roof and hoping for the best, but if you want the roof to look good in the long term, you need to make the choose the best plant species from the very outset. Our green roof design guide discusses the pros and cons of different plants and the ways of establishing them and considers the long-term maintenance needs of some of the many green roof variants. When it comes to coping with the extreme conditions on a roof, drought, heat, cold, wind etc some plant species are much better adapted than others. If plants are happy with the conditions they’re growing in, they need less intensive maintenance to keep them looking good and performing well”

How to design a really good green roof

Angela said: 

“To ensure maximum benefits from your green roof in the long term you need to plan and budget for its long term maintenance. You wouldn’t put a white carpet in a room that’s going to be used by kids, dogs and people in muddy boots – it would be a nightmare to look after. In the same way there’s no sense in trying to establish sun loving plants in a shady spot. They’d just languish and die, leaving you disappointed with the results”

“Designing for Maintenance” talks you through every aspect of design from slopes and loadings to substrate depth, edgings and choosing the right plants for the right place.

Download the Green Roof Design Guide

Green roof installation tips

Creating a sedum roof using Enviromat sedum matting is remarkably simple and can be done by any competent DIY’er who is happy working at heights.

Enviromat’s “Green Roof Installation Guide” has been written by an experienced installer and gives step by step instructions to creating a living green roof using a proven, lightweight matting system.

Download the Green Roof Installation Guide