Enhance the durability of your blue or green roof with Bauder Total Green Roof System PLUS


Bauder has launched BauderSMARAGD, a new root resistant cap sheet to be incorporated in Bauder Total Green Roof System PLUS (BTGRS PLUS) flat roof solutions for green roof, blue roof and BioSOLAR projects.

The BTGRS PLUS system increases the range of waterproofing solutions available for all types of green roofs including intensive and extensive systems, blue roofs and BioSOLAR installations for green and PV integrated solutions. The system incorporates BauderSMARAGD root resistant cap sheet, BauderTEC KSA DUO 35 self-adhesive underlayer and can be used with a selection of Bauder insulation types to suit the project needs. BauderSMARAGD is specifically designed to sustain the high performance demands that these roofs can require.

BTGRS PLUS can be utilised in the design of both new build and refurbishment projects in cold, warm, or inverted roof construction. The system is particularly suited to new build projects, when the deck can be designed to take the additional weight imposed by the chosen finish. Additionally, with modern planning conditions, most local authorities require new buildings to include both a green roof and a significant percentage of site sourced renewables. The BTGRS PLUS system build-ups can achieve sustainable targets when specified with a green roof, blue roof or BioSOLAR roof.

This waterproofing system has a service life in excess of 35 years, as stated in BBA Certificate 10/4744. When covered by an appropriate landscaping finish, it is also considered to fulfil all of the requirements for the performance characteristic ‘external fire performance’ without the need for testing under European Commission Directive 2000/553/EC for listed build-ups achieving compliance to B4 section 12. This robust bitumen membrane system is accompanied by a comprehensive guarantee package, covering all the Bauder elements on the finished roof.

Bauder is a manufacturer of building construction materials providing waterproofing membranes and insulations to make buildings watertight and thermally efficient, photovoltaic installations for renewable energy generation, and green and blue roofs to create more environmentally friendly living and working spaces. Our service offering includes a national network of approved contractors and expert site technicians who ensure the highest standards of workmanship.

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