Energy-efficient underfloor heating

How to specify a lasting, energy-efficient underfloor heating system that is quick to install.

Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM is a low-height, energy-efficient and quick reacting modular underfloor heating assembly. This system can be used in new build and renovation projects, and is a green choice with economical, energy saving properties.

Its low supply temperature of approximately 30°C, compared to between 50-55°C in some traditional systems, means Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM is extremely effective not only with conventional heat generation methods but also regenerative energy sources, such as ground and air source heat pumps. Since the thinner screed requires much less material, the final construction is lighter and lower than traditional screed installations, saving considerable construction time.

When it comes to screed systems and solutions, an integrated solution—where products are designed and manufactured to complement each other—is the key to a lasting, successful flooring installation. In this respect, Schlüter®-BEKOTEC and BEKOTEC-THERM really stand out from the crowd: Schlüter-Systems Ltd offers a complete assembly warranty when its systems are installed by a member of the Schlüter Approved Installer Network.

The Schlüter Approved Installer Network allows approved installers, who have completed full training with Schlüter, to install the system. The network not only gives accreditation to the individual but also to the company as a certified organisation. This provides reassurance to you, as the specifier or architect, that the system will be installed to the manufacturer’s standards and best practice and minimises risks, ensuring a quick and reliable installation.

The system also features a range of thermostat and control modules, the current generation of room sensors and control modules significantly increases the flexibility and convenience of regulating the temperature of the room. As the core of the system, the base module can be connected to a timer module for energy-saving temperature reduction. The connection modules for wired or wireless room sensors can be freely combined with the base module, which enables the flexible expansion of existing systems at any time. Modern wireless and wired room sensors allow for individual room temperature control to suit requirements. The Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM system can also be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS).

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