Encasement covers up at McCarthy & Stone assisted living in Basingstoke

A stylish assisted living development by McCarthy & Stone in Basingstoke is using 16 ‘Forma’ aluminium column casings and a bespoke bulkhead from Encasement, to conceal exterior structural steelwork and enhance the aesthetics of the apartment block’s extensive four-storey front elevation.

McCarthy & Stone is the largest developer of privately owned retirement property in the UK and the company’s Lady Susan Court development includes 60 one and two bedroom assisted living apartments for the over 70s, while also providing round the clock care for owners.

Manufactured and installed by Encasement, the column casings and aluminium bulkhead are integral features of the development’s exterior design. While the column casings are equally spaced along building’s front elevation, the 30 metre long bulkhead is located above them and spans the entire length of the building.

Ranging in height from 2000mm up to 3000mm, the Forma casings are manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium in diameters of 425mm and 450mm and are finished with an RAL 7047 PPC coating, which is also used on bulkhead.

Encasement’s Managing Director, Martin Taylor, commented:

“This is an excellent example of how Forma column casings can be used not only to conceal structural components, but also enhance the appearance of a building by becoming one of its distinguishing features. Also, as Forma is manufactured from aluminium, it is light weight, durable and weather resistant, which makes it perfect for exterior applications, as well interior use.”

Encasement specialises in the supply of decorative casings, interior wall linings and cladding for the architectural, contracting and construction sectors. Further information on every product in the Encasement range can be obtained visiting www.encasement.co.uk or by calling 01733 266889.