Eco-Lifestyle Center: a sustainable retail and residential development in Istanbul

The sustainable retail and residential centre by Avci Architects in Istanbul aims to integrate the landscape and serve as an ‘Eco-Lifestyle Center’. A partially enclosed series of botanical gardens celebrates nature and biodiversity with harmonious retail merging. The space showcases nature while focusing on being a timeless and sustainable concept that takes advantage of the richness of the site and its unique position.

With its outstanding natural location and the vision that has driven the project to date, it is clear to see that the retail centre has the potential to forge a new paradigm for development in Istanbul and set a new benchmark for sustainable retail development and housing on the world stage.

Sustainability, as a practice and as a goal, is the key to unlocking the immense value currently lying dormant at the neighbourhood. Yet to unlock this potential and harness the power of nature, the project’s human interaction must become part of the entire site’s natural ecosystem.

Though the retail centre is the predominant issue at hand, the potential for true sustainability lies in creating a system of integrated resources throughout the ecosystem. If this is to become a world-class sustainable retail and residential development, every decision must reflect a commitment to integrating sustainability’s Triple ‘E’s throughout the entire site. This is the key to unlocking the site’s true potential.

To help guide this landmark project towards this aim, Avci Architects has identified critical areas for study at both the retail centre level and the site at large. This proposal aims to highlight some of the most important issues of concern, but it is clear that a full, analysis-based, integrated site strategy between residents, the forest, and the proposed consumer activities will be necessary, to unlock the immense value yet to be discovered.

Project information
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Urban Design, Mixed-Use
Phase: Under Construction
Project Date: 2015