Complete renovation of a private villa by Galal Mahmoud Architects

With his great affection for Greece in general and the island of Mykonos in particular, Galal Mahmoud was also asked to participate in the construction of a private villa located in the very heart of the island Galal Mahmoud and his team focused on the exteriors of the residence, turning the terraces into places to live out life to the full – whilst offering protection from the Mykonos wind, which can be very strong during the summertime.

GM Architects devised this transformation in close partnership with the villa’s owner, in charge of monitoring the work, to create a space that would whisk the individual off on a dream-like, contemplative journey through their imagination, all in an outstanding natural setting. The Greek architect Andreas Vassilaros participated in the realisation of the project with main mission the building permit as well as the follow-up of the works. His innate sense of the detail and the good work was an added value in the quality of the project.

GM Architects wished to preserve the local character of the location and the building’s traditional Greek architecture, whilst injecting it with a more modern, simple and elegant feel. The three key materials used to this end were white cement, light-coloured stone – for both interiors and exteriors – and wooden decking for the terraces. To further reinforce the contemporary look of the design, the architect opted for a colour scheme dominated by white and light grey, with subtle touches of royal blue.

The continuity between interiors and exteriors makes it seem as if the building is almost floating, suspended between water, sea and sky. Every effort has been made to direct the gaze outwards towards one of the finest views in the whole Cyclades.