Bringing light to Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel

Situated in the English countryside of Windsor Great Park, within a short commute from central London, the Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel is described as a luxury retreat from the city with a focus on health and authentic wellness.

LAMILUX designed, supplied, and installed an impressive faceted domed rooflight with an internal span of 8.5 meters to display a remarkable example of how the LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 can achieve almost any bespoke shaped glass roof solution. The bespoke rooflight compliments the modern elegance of the indulgent retreat, whilst flooding the hotel foyer with an abundance of natural daylight.

Working with the architect from the early planning stage of the project, LAMILUX presented a design providing a glazed solution, which closely resembles the design intent and the style of architectural heritage that the hotel was to represent. The factory prefabricated rooflight assembly, which included everything above the perimeter concrete opening, is a self-spanning structure requiring no additional sub-structure above the pre-weathered kerbs.

The LAMILUX installation team framed out the 2.2 tonnes of steelwork within a dedicated exclusion zone at ground level on site before using a tele-handler to crane the structure into position at roof level and fixing it to the faceted perimeter upstand. A key consideration of the installation was to check the diagonal dimensions were equal for squareness. Careful diligence was therefore necessary with the assembly of the aluminium frame mullion and transoms.

The spectacular domed rooflight was then glazed with an impressive total of 64 glass panels, each a bespoke size and shape, to make up the unusual shape and complete the installation. The glass panels, specified with high performing solar glazing, measure up to 1341 x 1744 mm’s and weigh up to 86kg’s. The LAMILUX operatives, equipped with full body harnesses, were secured back to a man-anchor with inertia block and used a vacuum lifter to complete the installation.
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