Bradite floors the competition

A warehouse floor in Barnsley was transformed using Bradite’s new single pack water-based floor paint, DP9 Floor-It.

The 1200 sq metre power floated, porous concrete floor had been penetrated with oil so required preparation for painting with Bradite’s TD39 Industrial Degreaser. Diluted with warm water, the solution was used to scrub the floor. Once dry, the floor was lightly abraded to provide a key for the Bradite DP9 Floor-It coating.

Jay Summers, Managing Director of Bedford-based Mayfair Decorating Contractors who completed the renovation says,

““I have used TD39 previously and I trust it to do the job. It was the first time for me with DP9, but I found it very user-friendly.”

Four coats of the high-performance, water-based acrylic floor paint were applied by roller by a team of two. Completing the task in two phases meant the building could remain in use. Once the surface was fully cured, it was again able to withstand fork-lift traffic.

Thanks to DP9’s quick recoat time of just 1 hour, it was possible to apply two coats in a day.

Jay says,

“Because the DP9 is water-based rather than epoxy resin, it is not thick and gloopy which makes it easy to apply.”

Bradite Technical Sales Manager, James Burton, re-assured him of the suitability of the product and the correct method of use.

Jay says,

“I can’t fault Bradite or James for the advice given. I’d use it again. You’d be silly not to.”