Bathroom and wetroom solutions from Schlüter-Systems

A significant amount of time and thought is invested into the design of bathrooms for architectural projects. One design aspect that is important to consider is how our needs may change over time and the accessibility of a bathroom, en-suite or wetroom.

This is where barrier-free bathrooms or wetrooms with floor-level showers, easy-access sanitary ware and the provision of seating areas can offer a practical, future-proof solution. The huge range of ceramic and natural stone tiles available today means that creating luxurious, beautiful, yet safe slip-resistant surfaces is easily achievable.

Schlüter-Systems can help protect these stunning installations while providing a complete solution for a CE Marked waterproof floor-level shower area. The Schlüter®-KERDI range includes a wide range of waterproof membranes, backerboards and prefabricated components to create reliable underlays. The uncoupling membrane, Schlüter®-DITRA 25, which has been tried, tested and trusted for over 25 years, serves as a waterproofing membrane and a vapour pressure equalisation layer, protecting tile or natural stone coverings from cracking or debonding. The same features can also be found in the underfloor heating system Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E, making it ideal for heated floors and walls in wetrooms with tile and stone coverings.

The tile and stone covering in the shower area must be sufficiently sloped to allow for appropriate drainage. This is easily achieved with Schlüter’s prefabricated levelling and shower tray components, which are available with a point drainage system or a component linear drainage system.

Schlüter-Systems has a long history of providing solutions for the application of tile and stone and has project case studies detailing where their systems and solutions have been used. The company has NBS Clauses and BIM Objects available on NBS Plus, National BIM Library and at