40 years, millions of journeys, 20,000 Microlifts, 1 free to a good home

Stannah is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their Microlift business and propose to donate their 20,000th Microlift dumb waiter to a worthy cause.

It’s another remarkable milestone for the Stannah Group, which began in 1867 and today remains a proudly independent ‘family of lift expertise’.

But they need your help… In your professional life you must come across so many building or refurbishment projects for charitable organisations. Can you put Stannah in touch with a project that would benefit from a donated service lift? Are you working on a suitable project right now?

Mark Chapman, General Manager of Stannah Microlifts Ltd explains:

“We are looking to make a difference to a charity, youth project, community scheme – in short a deserving cause – it’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ to all our Microlift customers and every building professional who has worked with Stannah Microlifts Ltd along the way. Don’t worry if we haven’t worked with you before, if the right project is put forward, we would be delighted to get to know you. Of course, your company would be included in all our news about the project so it’s a win-win opportunity for everyone involved.”

There are very few restrictions about where Stannah Microlifts can be installed or what they are used for! There is a food lift in The Shard, a kitchen service lift on board the HMS Warrior, money lifts in the Royal Mint and the London Hippodrome Casino and even a dumbwaiter installed to move logs into a tree house! Maybe you know of a project that needs a lift for an unconventional reason?

Simply go to www.microliftgiveaway.co.uk and nominate your project. While you are there you can download Stannah’s useful booklet ‘Goods Lifts – Your Questions Answered’, their Service Lift Infographic and register your interest in receiving advance technical information about the new generation of service lifts.

Microlift Evolution is launching in 2015.